"Great Day, Great Man" (Gordon Parks)

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"Great Day, Great Man" (Gordon Parks)

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I spend the entire day on 126th with Gordon. He sat in a metal chair, and throughout the day, various people came to visit him — rappers, industry folk, editors, his associate. He wasn’t holding ceremony and he didn’t demand respect. He commanded respect. At one point I broke off with my camera and took some shots of him sitting in front of what, at the time of this photo, was the only brownstone we anticipated would be needed for the shoot. As history proved we needed three, and how lucky was I to capture the actual three needed for the shoot. If you look close he’s smoking a pipe.”

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Great Day, Great Man

September 29, 1998

126th Street, Harlem, New York

Limited Edition of 6 in 58x58

Limited Edition of 25 in 20x20

Framed: Museum Mounted on Plexiglass and signed